Superior Optical presents PERSONALENS, our house brand of advanced digital lenses. A line of lenses designed to meet the varied needs and demands of your patient base, even when working with complex prescriptions and personalization. 

All lenses except for Gateway use the patented Digital Ray-Path technology. Every unique lens is individually calculated guaranteeing an adapted solution for any prescription and base curve. This revolutionary lens design model allows for maximum flexibility of use while delivering on the Superior Optical promise of digital precision with a human touch. For more information, click for a brochure


Premium personalized progressive lens that offers a great quality of vision and wide visual fields for any distance


Personalized progressive lens with nearly immediate adaptation and absolute comfort


Personalized progressive lens with panoramic clarity in the distance zone


The best lens for office work


General use progressive lens with generous visual areas for near and distance


Digital single vision lenses that are clear in any gaze direction