A major manufacturer study showed that their premium eye care customers that dispense both a premium and a value no-glare product have grown their penetration 2x faster than those that just offer a premium option.

72% of people who wear glasses (108 million people) don't have no-glare lenses. Of those, 62% (67 million people) are value minded. We created the Exilar no-glare line to help you tap into the lucrative market of value-minded patients while still providing a quality level you can recommend with absolute confidence.

Our Exilar no-glare lens has a super-hydrophobic scratch-resistant top coat with superior durability and cleanability. Exilar Plus has all that and oleophobic properties, providing even greater cleanability and satisfaction for your patient.

Exilar and Exilar Plus create a unique opportunity for you to get greater penetration in the no-glare market for the millions of value-minded wearers.